Oluwa Music Group – The VIBE || @ambrose_maha


Oluwa Music Group,with an Interactive Afro Hip Hop generic delivery, for the love of music puts out The VIBE which is a compilation of Act,feelings and enthusiasm with a specific thought process that spells out something new and branded… VIBE to it

The Prologue(story of a bad Nega)

1)Story Of A Bad Nega

Puts the project in play, with a combination of Act and Musical humour

Chapter One (our God)

2) Still Alive

This track was obviously made for fans to at least know the artists and relate to true events and occurrences.(surely passing a message)

3) Game Changer

A gospel outline of the groups actualization of God in their lives(The struggle and hustle),from a good source ‘we don’t wanna loose our way ‘

Chapter Two (the Hustle)

4) Attention

Simply an anthem which deduces True love for the music and the continuous struggle to make it in the industry

5) Low Low

A commercially sound song, which has a little message for all the fake folks ‘Real G’s Run it on a Low’

Chapter Three (woman Matter)

6) Sweet Monica

A Typical party jam, that gives every peer group the vibe to get up and dance.

7) Who Can Know

Clearly an after party Jam, that has a very Afro rap trend aligned with the girly Thingy attached to it, Soft!


8) Maltina

Oluwa Music Group aka Certified commercial drops a very cliche but bumpy commercial for the love of it

9) Ogbeni(work’n)

Typical modern day Trap rap genre that will thrill you, one would say this is that song that demonstrates Rap as their Stronghold.

10)Hustle- Alaba

Which fits perfectly as a sequal to the previous demolishing rap bars of ‘OBENI’ but this is ‘Hustle Alaba, Looking for paper’



OMG copy



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