Xperia Z5 vs. iPhone 6s Plus vs. Galaxy S6: Does Sony’s Latest Flagship Stand A Chance Against The Most Popular Devices?

Sony Xperia Z5
The Xperia Z5 boasts a massive 23MP main camera and 5.1MP front camera along with a huge 2900 mAh battery that promises to bring up to 2 days of battery life. It’s also IP68 certified which makes the device absolutely dust-proof and water-resistant. (Photo : Sony)

Sony released the Xperia Z5 in September following a number of teasers that were released over the Internet. It turns out that most, if not all, of the previously leaked information were true after all.

The Xperia Z5 is the latest flagship from Sony and based on the announced specs and features, it seemed like the company is competing aggressively against other flagship devices, most notably the iPhone 6s Plus from Apple and the Galaxy S6 from Samsung.

Apart from the fact that the three flagships encompass three separate geographical roots, it would be interesting to know just how fully equipped the Xperia Z5 is in order to outshine its rivals.


The Xperia Z5 bears a design difference that consumers can instantly feel. Built with a metal frame along with precision engraving, the Xperia Z5 feels smooth and boasts a simplified form. It also has a frosted glass back which makes the device look more appealing to the eye and feel cooler to the touch.

The iPhone 6s Plus has a new aluminum alloy build that should make the handset stronger and more durable, something that Apple has placed a huge focus on its flagship. A lot of tests (drop test, torture test, “UFC” fighter test) had already been covered in Tech Times involving the handset and based on the results, the iPhone 6s Plus can survive, even when placed inside one’s skinny jeans.

The Galaxy S6 is perhaps the most beautifully designed handset that Samsung has made. Compared to the usual plastic that covers its predecessors, the new Galaxy S6 has a metal design which gives it a premium look and feel.


Sony must have placed a huge emphasis on the Xperia Z5’s camera and battery features as indicated by the stronger specs that the handset bears compared to its rivals. It has a main camera with 23MP and a front with 5.1MP. The Xperia Z5 even boasts of a Hybrid Autofocus feature that makes the handset a master of speed and accuracy. Sony touts the Xperia Z5 as its best camera phone to date. It even has an image zoom five times more powerful, allowing it to capture even the most fleeting moments.

Here are the rest of the specifications worth noting of between the three handsets.

(Photo : Menchie Mendoza)

At 5.2 inch, the Xperia Z5 is bigger than the Galaxy S6. It also has a bigger 3GB RAM than the iPhone 6s Plus’ 2GB. In terms of battery, the Xperia Z5 has the biggest 2900 mAh Li-ion battery although just like the other two, its battery is also non-removable. Lastly, the Xperia Z5 boasts of an IP68 certification which means that the handset is dust-proof and water-resistant.


In a review made by James Peckham of Techradar, the Sony Xperia Z5 is described as “particularly slick at maneuvering around all my apps. Multitasking has improved on previous Xperia Z phones, and sliding in and out of apps is satisfyingly quick.”

As for the iPhone 6s Plus, Malarie Gokey of Digital Trends said “Although a pair of better cameras, a faster processor, and a cool new interface trick may not seem like much, these improvements really take the iPhone 6s Plus to the next level. The camera upgrades are arguably the best thing about the S update this year, but 3D Touch is a close second.”

Marie Brewis of PC Advisor has this to say about the Galaxy S6: “Something that’s instantly obvious when you pick up the Galaxy S6 is just how fast it is, with the only lag we could find occurring when trying to use the multi-tasking screen or swiping in the Flipboard pane to the left of the home screen. Everything else is fluid and achieved in an instant – even browsing the web on the train in notoriously patchy areas, we couldn’t believe our eyes as pages that would usually take several to load were just there.”

Wrap Up

If there’s one thing that’s worth mentioning about the Xperia Z5, it’s the fact that the handset has never been thought of as an iPhone copycat. Even the Galaxy S6 has been described as bearing a number of “copied” features from the iPhone. Apart from the Galaxy S6, other handsets that were “accused” of cloning include the phones from Xiaomi and HTC.

So far, Sony’s handsets have never been involved in any copycat issues. Its handsets don’t copy and other smartphones don’t copy Sony’s either.

In other words, if you’re looking for a smartphone that has really good features, impressive performance, and no copycat issues, the Xperia Z5 is your best bet yet.


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