10 Staples You Need For Your Autumn Wardrobe


Autumn is just around the corner, and that means cooler weather and warmer closet accouterments. If you’re not up on the latest fashion week happenings, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Follow our guidelines and let these essential staples make choosing your fall wardrobe a piece of cake.

A Killer Jacket

Think “James Bond does Autumn.” Every guy should be ready to ward off cooler temperatures by outfitting his closet with a masculine, tailored jacket that can be worn in varied weather conditions. Check out the Harrington, a jacket style that walks the line of semi-formal and casual with ease. With a snug waist fit, straight collar, and usually single-color elegance, putting one of these can make anyone look like an action star.


Khakis Don’t Fade

The power of the khaki is an unexplainable thing. Every man should own at least one pair; they go from casual to dinner party in a heartbeat, and make looking coiffed an easy task. Plus, most khakis are inexpensive while still maintaining an elegant style. Try out an inexpensive pair from H&M, or check out the offerings from an upscale retailer devoted to the style, like Bills Khakis.

Bills Khakis

Accessories Matter

Don’t skimp on the accessories. Every guy should have a signature piece: a powerful watch that keeps you on time and in style, or sunglasses that manage just the right balance of intelligence and class. Check out the practical men’s products from Touch of Modern and impress your buddies (and their girlfriends) with your newfound sense of style and high-tech gadgets.

Etid Bracelet – found on touchofmodern.com


This isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. Your Fall staple jeans have a few requirements: dark, solid-colored jeans with no rips and no tears. The darker the better, as it makes it easier to dress up. Make sure the fit is appropriate—no sagging or bagging, fellas—as it can make or break the vibe. Dress it up with a button-down, or keep it casual with your most classic T-shirt.

Mb Jeans – Dsquared

Don’t Knock The Cashmere

You’ll never go wrong with a nice Cashmere sweater, and hey, dudes deserve to wear comfortable things, too. Like many of our other suggested staples, it’s easy to dress this option up or down, and its classic appeal will make your outfit look trendy without much effort.

Esprit Cashmere Jumper – Asos.com

The Grey Suit

If you don’t already have one, it’s time to get yourself to the tailor. Grey suits are a sure bet and look appropriate and suave in almost every situation. Work meeting? Check. Wedding guest? Check. Pick a well-proportioned suit and shell out the money to get your suit fitted. It’ll be worth the investment.

Tm Lewin Pin Dot Grey Suit


Fancy word for something you may have just called a denim shirt. The light fabric used for these versatile bad boys comes in handy when changing temperatures make dressing for the day confusing. Layer with a T-shirt or button up for a cleaner look. If you’re going to wear jeans on bottom with one of these, you better make sure your denim wash is dark enough or you’ll be pulling off another look entirely.

American Apparel Denim Shirt – Asos

Fitted Flannel

You can’t leave the house without seeing someone rock a flannel these days, and this trend doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon. Look for a flannel with a slim cut so you can pull off the look without appearing like a lumberjack. Comfortable and on trend, a flannel is the perfect complement to a Fall wardrobe.

Fitted Flannel Shirt by Wallin & Bros


You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of Chuck Taylors, but there are a variety of sneakers that can inject some street style into your look this fall. High-top sneakers are making a comeback in a big way, as are shoes that will turn heads with tiny details. Check out a suede pair of low sneakers by Axel Arigato and up your shoe game in a heartbeat.

Axel Arigato blue suede shoes


A pant that boasts its roots in royalty is surely a fit for your wardrobe this Fall. Its thick material is perfect for cooling temperatures, and depending on the pair, you can make your look casual or formal with little effort. When shopping for cords, you’ll need to understand the concept of wales—the little ribs on the pants. The farther apart they are, the more casual the pant. While even the smallest of space between ribs doesn’t make cords a good choice for professional settings, you can definitely dress them up for dates or special events.

Coruroy trousers

Get these essential staples to make your autumn wardrobe slick and trendy in no time.



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