HUMOUR: 22 Lies Every Single Person Has Told Themselves Before

1. “Just one drink”:

"Just one drink":

2. “I’m going to definitely buy it”:

"I'm going to definitely buy it":

3. “It’s perfect”:

"It's perfect":

4. “Be right there”:

"Be right there":

5. “I’m a genius”:

"I'm a genius":

6. “This summer is going to be the best”:

"This summer is going to be the best":

7. “This is hilarious”:

"This is hilarious":

8. “Once or twice”:

"Once or twice":

9. “I can definitely make it”:

"I can definitely make it":

10. “Sorry I’m late”:

"Sorry I'm late":

11. “Now I can really see”:

"Now I can really see":

12. “I forget”:

"I forget":

13. “I CAN’T”:

"I CAN'T":

14. “I am so healthy”:

"I am so healthy":

15. “I can afford that”:

"I can afford that":

16. “I’m RICH”:

"I'm RICH":

17. “I’m not hungry”:

"I'm not hungry":

18. “I’m not cheating”:

"I'm not cheating":

19. “I can totally reach that”:

"I can totally reach that":

20. “I’m a star”:

"I'm a star":

21. “I’m gonna die”:

"I'm gonna die":

22. And “Everything’s great”:

And "Everything's great":
Culled from BuzzFeed

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