Navajo Music drops thier Album, Versatility EP (The Extended Play) #VEP

Ladies and Gents, we’re glad to have you here checking out the official diary of our debut album tagged “versatility” (#VEP).
Here on this page You can find all the information about our Debut EP compilation titled “The Versatility EP” or alternatively “Versatility – The EP” as we count down and up to the release of the album on the 15th – August 2015 which is just around the corner.
We can also see that …blah blah blah, first things first (winks)

A little about us.
NaVaJo is a group of three musicians from within the locality of Jos, Nigeria.
made up of Nengolong Gwimbe – Nales, Andy Chantu – Vars, and Nanman Godwin – Jozin all together known as one band with an acronym NaVaJo.
The group came into being in 2013 after so many years of being friends, classmates and associates because of the common interest in making music alongside their career choices and other activities. it started in 2012 with Vars who just started learning how to make beats in 2010, and Nales who is a web programmer, making music for the fun of it in their university dorm room, disturbing the whole block and getting in trouble sometimes and from there another friend from the neighborhood joined in 2013 and turned It into a group identified by the acronym NaVaJo. they’ve since been working on numerous singles and putting them up online to get heard by friends and family and even maybe pack a couple of fans. They have been mainly making music of the afrobeat – afrohiphop/rnb category as well as experimenting many other genres of music from trap, reggae, techno and dubstep. They admire the music of many of the leading afro-hiphop artistes in Nigeria and have been said to “sound like” IcePrince and M.I Abaga – the ChocolateCity bois generally.
The encouragement and growth has been steadily moving at a fast rate and hence it gave rise to the need for a compilation album…
they call it “Versatility” – The EP and the LP

About the Versatility EP
The album as it implies is a versatile album that cuts across different tweaked aspects of the afrobeat genre, musical concepts, captivating and unusual beats, topics and ideas. The album was brewed in-house locally from some of the best DAWs and a super cool home recording studio.
The album is a combo of two compilations of an EP and an LP.
The extended play version of the album is basically a compilation of 7 songs which are a collection of singles from each of the band members, and team collaborations. Nales/Vars, Nales/Jozin, Vars/Jozin and NaVaJo general songs. The EP is available in digital copies downloadable from the official website and on other distribution platforms.
Total Duration of the EP is 21mins36 secs.
All songs were written, composed, produced and performed by Andy Chantu, Nengolong Samuel and Nanman Godwin of NavaJo.
The EP is basically aimed at showcasing works from members of the band alone with no collaborations.
The Long Play Version: is an extension of the EP with an additional 17 songs which comprises of massive collaborations from other artistes around the vicinity in where the band lives and work. Most of the songs compiled on the LP are stage-worthy songs aimed at interesting the fans at tours and gigs.

Track List and Track Info.

  1. Right Here (Intro)
    On this first track of the album is Vars, Jozin and Nales just welcoming the fans to the album and giving a brief description of who the team is, where they are from, their aims and aspirations as superstars that they are already becoming. At the end there was a brief shoutout to some few fellows that put some efforts into the reality of the EP.
    played on key Gm running on a tempo of 90BPM for 2:38secs. Download Intro here
  2. Niggas holla.
    This is a typical sort of bumpy song with strong lyrical punchlines with a hip-hop/trap feel on the instrumental with a Kick, Hat, Clap pattern. the song talks about the exciting acceptance of the crew wherever they enter or step into despite the lack of any show off of expensive jewelry, cash or cars.
    the song runs for 4:06 secs and was played on the key Dm and a tempo of 88BPM. Download Niggas Holla here
  3. Brother – Nales
    An exciting song with some smooth strings and an encouraging verse is a solo single from Nales on the EP. the song is a letter addressed to a “brother” encouraging him to put in more efforts towards “making it there” and telling him how much he means as a brother and how he inspires nales to also work hard towards making it in life.
    played on G# min and 95BPM and runs for 3:15secs. Download Brother here
  4. So Fresh – Nales & Vars
    A love song freshly brewed in just a few minutes from the simple inspiration of describing the superb nature and beauty of that one lady that runs through your mind plus all the sorts of things you wanna shower on her. with powerful verses from nales and vars, the song runs for just a few 2:22secs giving you that “press repeat feeling”
    the song is sang and played on key Fm and a tempo of 103BPM. Download So Fresh here
  5. Magana – Vars
    Magana means “talk” in hausa language of Northern Nigeria. it is a solo rap song by vars going deep and poetic as he throws out some expressions that need to be deciphered – you can call this another love song cos it talks about an unexplainable and inexpressible feeling. Download Magana here
  6. Been a long time – Jozin
    The ever creative Jozin of NaVaJo breaks it all down here on this song about the way the sudden love comes as soon as one makes a little bit of fortune and fame from people who actually never gave a heck about all your efforts from the beginning. featuring vars, they all made it a great rap song that possesses a danceable instrumental and some funny sounding African flutes.
    played on key Em and 118BPM, it runs for 3:13secs. Download Been A Long Time here
  7. They Love Us (Outro)
    This very final masterpiece of this album talks about the love that the team of NaVaJo has been getting from the fans that’ve been there and loyal from the beginning. It is a song made for the fans – written and performed by Nales and Vars with NaVaJo fans in mind….
    this makes the outro of the Versatility EP, played on F#m and runs for 2:53secs on a tempo of 86BPM. Download Outro here

How the album was made – Tools Used
DAWs and equipment used for the project include FLstudio 11, Cubase 5, Ableton Live suite 9, Adobe Audition. Recorded using a Behringer B-2 Pro Mic, AKGp220 and Audio Technica AT2032 connected via an AVID Mbox2 Mini ADC and avid Mbox pro. Drums and melody via an M-Audio keyrig49 controller and M-Audio Axiom 32.. Other Live instruments include local percussions and an acoustic guitar.
We’ve made a collection of the album instrumentals and project files also which will be made available at a later time on our official website.

Some few facts about NaVaJo and the Versatility EP.

  • NaVaJo is also a coalition of other young talented individuals that make up the whole team of writers, PR, Poets, Sound Engineers and Producers.
  • NaVaJo is an indie label – Unsigned and not into any legal contract with a record label.
  • NaVaJo is an acronym for Nales-Vars-Jozin.
  • First got on a radio interview at SearchFM 92.3 campus radio FUT Minna.
  • First single to go online is “the Rapper”, available on
  • The Versatility EP was initially set to be released in May 2015 but did not work out as planned.



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