RELIGION: Muslims, Society, and The Immune System – Art of Connection with Belal Khan

Are Muslims in the “West” an organ that the “Western society” is rejecting?

I met a person who was studying immunology, which is the study of the human body’s immune system.

I asked them about what the deal was when it came to the body rejecting organs during transplants vs. blood transfusion where there typically aren’t any complications.

The body is a complex system of systems. Every cell in the body is its own self contained system with an energy house, the means to replicate and it also consumes energy.

When you pull one set of systems out and put in another, there may or may not be compatibility

Why is it that when you pull out a dead liver and replace it with another fully functioning one, it’s typically followed by complications.

The immunologist was saying that in such a process they have to tell the recipient’s body to old back and stop attacking the new organ which the body sees as a foreign object.

The idea is the let the new organ get settled in and get integrated and have a full feel of how this new territory works. Then maybe there can be acceptance.

If blood is made up of cells, why are there typically no complications during blood transfusions?

The reason for that is because blood is a more simple cellular system. The simplicity allows the body to get along with it better.

Consider a person who’s simple and doesn’t have that many needs

They’re able to go from one place to another and get along very well. Compare that to someone who is high maintenance.

The immunologist also mentioned that when it comes to stem cells, it’s easier to leverage that from one person to another because stem-cells are like babies. Where as bone-marrow and developed organs are like adults.

Even in real life it’s harder for an adult to be transplanted from one location to another, but a child can adapt and grow into their changing circumstances.

A person’s life is a series of systems

Everyone has a certain way of doing things. Does your personal system and processes allow you to adapt to the changing circumstances that life throws at you?

This is something that would allow for better acceptance into society, communities, and families.

Islam is a system of faith

Question is how are we integrating that system into our lives and the society around us?

How are we giving value? Is our quality of work as a community consistent?

Are we doing it day in and day out without fail. Whether the media or political climate is up or down?

Some thoughts for us all to really think about.

Culled from Muslim Matters


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