Dr. Dre speaks about his first album in 15 years: “It is my great final”

Dr. Dre

After 15 years,  Dr. Dre decided to return to the studio to record the abum entitled Compton: The Soundtrack , his great “final”.

In The Pharmacy With Dr. Dre , his weekly radio show Beats 1, Dre comes with his mates, Ice Cube and director of the film Straight Outta Compton , F. Gary Gray .

“I was so inspired by the movie I started to record an album,” says Dr. aboutCompton: The Soundtrack.  “The idea comes from Straight Outta Compton , and I am very proud of the result. ”

Ice Cube is on the album. Kendrick Lamar is on the album, Eminem is on the album, Snoop Dogg is on the album. All my friends, young and old, came from. I have worked with many musicians, producers, singers, rappers, fantastic. And we all built this project, and it will be my great final. The album phew. ”

Initially, Dr. was worried about the outcome of the film and said he did not think he could do because many problems could arise. But ultimately, the rapper believes that Gray did very well out.

“There’s heart and emotion. We understand who we are as a person and what he had to do to get there,” says Dre. “It’s not just the music that is the co-star of the film with our characters. We understand that we are and all the work he’s behind. I think the audience will see and this is what he will enjoy, and that is what will also inspire. ”

“I kept the secret,” says Dr. compared to the record. “The album is now finished and it’ll be crazy.”

Compton: The Soundtrack will be available exclusively from Apple Music August 7


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