Charles Novia: “Seyi Shay should take dressing lessons from Denrele”

Nollywood actor Charles Novia is one controversial man who has made a name for himself by calling out celebrities whenever he gets the chance on his website.

As expected, he had something to say about the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Africa 2015 which held on March 7, 2015.

Charles Novia took major hits at Denrele and Seyi Shay during his recap. Denrele Edun, the controversial VJ was dressed in an gold outfit that got everyone talking designed by Tiannah styling.

Charles brought up Seyi Shay’s skimpy outfit that she wore to meet the Presidet and suggested that she take fashion advice from Denrele.

“Fashion wise, I think the irrepresible Denrele Edun flew over the cuckoo’s nest. I noticed earlier a masked lady walking the red carpet and thought to myself that someone was perhaps doing an artistic Peter Cech of Chelsea on the red carpet. Imagine my surprise when the ‘lady’ walked up to me and called my name in Denrele’s voice! It was Denrele, dressed as a lady, with butt pads and all!

‘Uncle Charles, that’s the idea!’ He laughed as I took a picture with him, telling him in the process that he was crazy! Did I say he was doing a Cech? Change that to Bruce Jenner, maybe! I can safely say though, that Seyi Shay could take appropriate dress lessons from Denrele though, when next she’s performing for the President or top dignitaries!”

This is the second time Charles Novia will come at Seyi Shay for her inappropriate fashion choice.

For the award show, Seyi Shay was dressed in a sophistacated chic red dress, one that was far more appropriate than what she wore to meet President Jonathan on March 1, 2015.


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