Why You Need an “Ugly Sweater” This Holiday Season

Ugly Sweaters

It may be the season to be jolly, merry, and bright, but it is also the season where the invitations keep rolling in—and some of those invitations may very well be to attend ugly sweater parties. Of course these festive gatherings are festive and joyful, but not everyone is so into wearing a felt reindeer (replete with light-up bulbous nose) on their chest. Forget the kitschy, one-time only, novelty piece. Why not opt for something stylish that’s just as statement-making instead? And if so, then how to chicly navigate a party in which the dress code calls for “ugly”? Try a pared-back version with ornamental embellishments or designs. From bubblegum-pink cashmere and aprés-ski-inspired knits to intarsia turtlenecks, here are the fourteen best ugly-chic sweater picks that will have you looking jubilantly stylish even before your first sip of egg nog.


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