Sweet Temptations!

Get tempted, but have a Durex

Isn’t this hot…It reminds me of one of those moments when you suddenly get to score with some hottie and she says “Rubbers only.” Then you find out you have no rubber and the show is called off!!!

It’s like dying, a suicide moment —especially is she is as hot the goddess in this picture.

This is temptation....Durex inspired

Imagine that this chocolate caramel she calls a body is yours to have and to hold, albeit being temporary… but you can’t only get the chance if you have the tool which you don’t have!

This is the time to be a scout: ‘Be Prepared’ so that when a chance to score comes, you don’t miss out.

And for the ladies that want to tempt or the guys who want to turn their lovers into sweet temptations, Jumia can help you with that….

Just CLICK THIS LINK and face your wildest Temptations.


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