Make No Mistake, Big Sean And Ariana Grande’s First Performance As A Couple Was Perfect

We’ve all witnessed Big Sean and Ariana Grande‘s transition from friends to BFFs toromantically involved, but tonight’s performance on “A Very Grammy Christmas” TV special took things to the next level—the professional level.

See, Big Sean and Ari have done plenty of songs together—whether it’s his whispered contribution to “Problem” or their duets like “Best Mistake” or Yours Truly‘s “Right There”—but this was their first time performing live together since they’ve *officially* been a couple.

And it was truly one of the most adorable, sweet things that has graced a stage anywhere in a long, long time. For the special holiday concert they performed “Best Mistake” and things got very cozy.

First, they started off very professional and kept things light:

A Very GRAMMY ChristmasGetty Images

Then, Ariana got a little touchy-feely with Sean during their rendition of the track, and Sean had to look down and blush his way out of it:


And there was some onstage hand-holding because they are just toooo cute together!

A Very GRAMMY ChristmasGetty Images

And that walk-out shot? Already iconic.

A Very GRAMMY ChristmasGetty Images

Watch an excerpt of their awe-inducing performance right here.


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